“Great Content – great presenter”


“Excellent presentation. Dana articulated his thoughts well.”

ACFI Conference May 2011

“Very practical information and exceptionally informative, very relevant to our work.”

“A speaker with a wealth of knowledge to draw from.”

“Excellent! Great learning experience.”

I learned new and useful techniques for the future.”

“Very, very interesting! I took quite a few notes!”

“A very informative speaker.”

“Really enjoyed going over the statements and identifying inconsistencies.”

“Dana Rodden has some great words of wisdom.”

“Great! Loved the real examples, real stories and real experiences!”

“Fascinating … would love to spend hours learning how to analyse statements.”

Cross Ministries Enforcement Conference October 24-28,2011 Edmonton AB.

“Personally I haven’t had the opportunity to put much of what I was
taught into practice due to the positions I have found myself in.  But I can say that the reviews from the officers that have taken it have been very positive and I have had more than one officer call it the best
course he has taken.  I consider that high praise.  You have also been
very accessible and accommodating in tailoring your course to our needs.”
Chuck Samphire
Manager – Compliance Programs
Alberta Employment and Immigration
Workplace Health and Safety


“The Investigative Interviewing and Statement Profiler courses provide a powerful set of investigative tools that every accident / incident investigator should have in their back pocket. The courses shed a whole new light on the interpretation of verbal and written statements, which is the core of every investigation. Strongly recommended!


Kevin Dunn
Senior Compliance Advisor
Inter Pipeline Fund

“I take statements from victims, suspects and witnesses.  This course will be a valuable asset to my work.  Excellent presentation, the presenter’s knowledge on the subject is very good.”

Terry Charette, Criminal Investigator
“I have spent 39 years in the Aviation industry and have endured much training in all areas from safety, security, quality and procedures. Dana’s course was by far the most enjoyable and interesting four days I have spent in my career learning about, and researching, real documented cases regarding Statement Profiling and Ethical Practices in Investigative Interviewing. I actually looked forward to each day taking in everything I could regarding the 2 subjects. The training was interactive and expressing your own views were always welcome. I highly recommend this valuable learning session to employees of any industry.”
 Tyler Wilson
Security and Safety Coordinator
MNR Aviation Services
Sault Ste. Marie, ON

“I had the opportunity to attend the Ethical Practices in Investigative

Interviewing Course offered by the Meta Centre. I found the course to be

very informative. Information was well presented, especially when

considering the amount of material that was covered. It provided me with

a strong knowledge base and understanding of the techniques used in

Investigative interviewing that I now use daily in my job. I enjoyed the

open learning atmosphere. It was a relaxed learning environment that

allowed students to ask open or job specific questions. The instructor

was the foundation of the course; he was very knowledgeable and because

of his field experiences could relate to everyone that was present. The

course was divided up perfectly between classroom and hands-on activity.

I would recommend this course to those who interview for the purpose of

information gathering.

Deb Cassidy

 St. Thomas Elgin Ontario Works

“The course content and material is very applicable to our duties as inspectors / investigators, as it gives us insights into effective ways to conduct witness interviews and statement taking required for all accident and event investigations.   This course has provided me with knowledge that will help assess the “ validity” or truthfulness of witness statements as well as knowing the many factors that can influence the outcome of witness interviews to extract valid information. I would recommend this course to any person whose work involves conducting interviews as part of investigations of any kind.”
Dan Taillefer
Occupational Health and Safety Officer,
Construction Program.

“Just finished the course today. The instructor has the evaluations, but the feedback I got was all good.

 I specifically asked Mr. Rodden to depart from the JI curriculum into the European “PEACE” ethical interviewing style, which (in my limited knowledge) seems much closer to what we do that the North American police incident-oriented approach which is the basic JI curriculum (and which half of the students had taken before). This probably created some difficulty for Mr. Rodden, as he pointed out that he was obliged to deliver the JI course material, particularly as it is a certificated course. However, I am happy to report that he was able to do both! Good course, thanks.”  Ben van Drimmlen
Ben van Drimmelen, Director
Investigations Section
Forest Practices Board