18025_1009625119056492_9110339225006570629_nDana(Rick) Rodden, Director of Metacentre Consulting has specialized in tailoring advanced investigative interviewing training programs for a broad spectrum of corporate and regulatory agencies for 28 years. He has designed and conducted over 2,000 seminars and in-house training programs in ethical investigative interviewing methods and in statement analysis. He is recognized for his forward thinking evolutionary approach, dynamic presentations, in-depth knowledge of human behaviour, and commitment to update his programs with the most current research and practices. He consults with both the private and public sectors in the development of training programs, and in case investigation. As well he has more than three decades of experience as a practitioner and trainer in the criminal justice field. Mr. Rodden holds a B.A. Degree from Simon Fraser University. He completed a two year practicum in Gestalt and Transactional Analysis and is a certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner. 



 John Lyons is partner and consultant in the ATRiM Group (ATRiM). ATRiM is a terror and other crime threat risk assessment and mitigation service specializing in crime prevention science. John concentrates on threats posed from dependency on documents to affirm the declarations and statements made by people and, secondly, on human centered internal threats.

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ATRiM AdvanceGuard™ on-line interviewing and reliability assessment training for employees at the point-of-service is integrated with ethical investigation interviewing. The combination offers seamless escalation of reliability concerns identified at the point-of-service, for resolution by more advanced interviewers trained by Metacentre. Ethical interviewing practice also factors into the mitigation strategies for endogenous threats. ATRiM’s endogenous (internal) threats services addresses the threats posed by occupational fraud, corruption, workplace sabotage and, in the extreme, workplace violence.

The ATRiM Group and Metacentre share a common interest in the research and application of the science on cognitive heuristics bias, and on affect – how mood affects perception and how emotions influence judgments and complex decisions.


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