Seminar 3 Investigative Interviewing

Investigative Interviewing combines seminars 1&2, ‘Ethical Practices in Investigative Interviewing’ and ‘The Statement Profiler’ in a compressed format. The course includes historical and current practices in detection of validity and deception, investigative interviewing and statement analysis, along with exercises, video, and practical analysis of statements. Included are methods of conversation management. The course is suited both for the experienced investigator and neophyte looking to establish effective skills in a new field.

In this 3 day workshop we will look at two methods of obtaining information from interviewees. The first involves the impartial witness, perhaps of an incident, one who has no stakes in the outcome of the investigation. This highly structured approach is intended to elicit fine grain detail.
The second method has additional steps to be taken, anticipating interviewees have motives to influence interviewers’ perceptions to their advantage. Preparation is more critical during this step by step approach, such, that after obtaining an account, the interviewer can offer evidence to be reconciled. Explanations become evidence.
We will also practice dissecting statements with the intention of formulating further enquiry.