Investigative Interviewing and Statement Analysis Seminars

Metacentre consulting provides specialized training to regulatory, corporate, and security personnel in investigative interviewing techniques.   Cognizant of individual rights and corporate policies, Metacentre teaches ethically and legally sound procedures.


Ethical Investigative Interviewing, Upcoming Seminars

Ethical Investigative Interviewing, 2020(special three day combined course).  Ottawa – April 6,7,8. Toronto – March 30,31,April 1. – Vancouver  April 20,21,22, – Regina April 27,28,29 – Edmonton – May 4,5,6,2020


Ethical Enquiry and Investigative Interviewing

If you want to improve your ability to assess the reliability of the statements and declarations made by people to you AdanceGuard Reliability Assessment© training is the course for you.  Every business required to qualify applicants for financial services, or to assess the entitlement of someone for access to a privilege or benefit, is at risk of fraud by false personation, synthetic ID fraud, and deception from other types of stolen or forged documents. If you believe conveying a message of vigilance at the point-of-service deters ID fraud, you are in the right place. You will learn how potential fraud can be prevented by influencing decisions by criminals on whether to attack your business.